Universal Builder

pwa init options

Instant Prototyping

Quickly scaffold new projects with your preferred view library and toolkit. Kick it off with a perfect Lighthouse score!

Feature Rich

Supports Babel, Bublé, Browserlist, TypeScript, PostCSS, ESLint, Prettier, and Service Workers out of the box!

Fully Extensible

Includes a plugin system that allows for easy, fine-grain control of your configuration... when needed.

Plug 'n Play

Don't worry about configuration, unless you want to. Presets and plugins are automatically applied. Just install and go!

Framework Agnostic

Build with your preferred framework or with none at all! Official presets for Preact, React, Vue, and Svelte.

Static Site Generator

Export your routes as "pre-rendered" HTML, which is great for SEO and works on any static hosting service.


$ npm install --global @pwa/cli
# OR$ yarn global add @pwa/cli


# Scaffold a new project!$ pwa init
# Run development/live-reload server$ pwa watch
# Build production bundle(s)$ pwa build
# Generate static HTML exports$ pwa export